Simple pyrography for beautiful, handcrafted gifts! Part 1

August 25, 2014

Hi! If you love to burn or are interested in trying your hand at it, here is a simple and fool-proof technique that works wonderfully!

In an attempt to reduce the amount of time it was taking to transfer images onto wood, cork, gourd, whatever, I thought, “What would happen if I just stamped an image with brown ink, then burned over it?” Well, what happened was complete success! Of course, this only works for images that you have in a stamp form, but it turns out there are plenty of great stamps out there with designs that are 100% suitable for burning! Think of borders, accents, etc. The sky is the limit! This technique will work on gourds and other curved objects, but works best on flat surfaces like wood and cork.

Simple Pyro Project, Part 1: Pocket/purse token

Step 1: Gather supplies: brown ink, stamp of choice, and burnable surface (wood in this case).

Step 2: Stamp image onto surface. Ta-da! Your image is transferred! No tracing, no smudging, just perfect text and image transfer.


Step 3: After you’ve transferred your image, burn right over the top. If you are new to this, a general rule is to start lightly and build up in weight as you go. There’s no lightening the line once it’s done!


Step 4: After you have burned over the image, you are potentially done depending on the goal of your project. I decided to add a bit of shine and sheen to my little token, so I mixed up some Perfect Pearls powder with Adirondack alcohol ink and covered the token in a beautiful gold coat. You may want to wear gloves.



Step 5: Allow this to dry completely. Because it is alcohol ink, this will be only a few short minutes. The gold ink will reduce the visibility of your design, so burn over the burned image again.


Now, put this in your pocket or purse or hand it off to another that may need a little reminder every now and again that the quality of one’s life belongs entirely to them and they are encouraged to make the most of that.

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to leave comments (preferably nice ones) and check back soon for more tutorials!


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