Simple pyrography for beautiful, handcrafted gifts! Part 2

August 26, 2014

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of this tutorial where I introduced stamping an image onto wood as a quick and seamless means of design transfer. A technique great for the novice and expert alike! In the second part of this tutorial, I would like to demonstrate this technique on cork. Unlike wood or gourds, a woodburner on cork is like ink on paper, the cork burns quickly and the tip glides along the surface. It is a GREAT medium! 

Follow along to create simple, beautiful gifts for others or to add to your own home!

Step 1: Gather supplies: Brown ink, stamps, burnable surface (in this case, cork).


Step 2: Stamp image on the surface.


Step 3: Burn as you wish and admire your beautiful work! No kidding, that’s it! The coasters used in this tutorial are available for less than $1 each (look in the gardening/planter section of store). This project takes 30-45 minutes to create a set of 4 lovely coasters. 


Thanks again for stopping by! Please continue to visit- many more tutorials to come.

Have a terrific day, even if someone is rude to you or you spilled coffee on your new blouse and had to walk around with a huge brown stain on your top- know that life is a BIG and beautiful thing, and you are loved!  Focusing on the big picture helps get through the small stuff- and it’s (pretty much) all small stuff. 


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