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UPcycled Buttons

September 2, 2014

This past month, Family Fun magazine invited readers to take part in their “Top This” Challenge. The goal is to “top” the craft developed by the magazine using some common, household item. For the August challenge, the item was buttons.

The kids and I mulled over what to do when it occurred to me that the button itself could be the craft! I have been saving my bottle caps and thought, “What if we could MAKE buttons out of these?!”. Heaven knows we don’t need another excuse to produce millions of tiny plastic fragments sold for absurd prices. SO, here’s what we came up with…

Step 1: Gather supplies: Bottle caps, hammer, nail, surface to hammer on, paint and other decor (optional).


Step 2: Flatten front and backside of cap with hammer. Try to tuck in and flatten out sharp ridges on backside.


DSC09347 Step 3: Make button holes using nail and hammer.



Step 4: Paint over with acrylics, glue on googly eyes, or leave as is and attach to something. If submitting to a family-oriented magazine, I recommend painting over the bottle caps if they came from beer bottles.


DSC09354 DSC09358

Step 5: Once paint is dry, use some Mod Podge or Krylon sealant spray to affix the paint.


Step 6: After sealant is dry, you can really do whatever you want. In fact, beginning way back at Step 1 you could really do whatever you wanted. Make magnets, a wind chime, have another bottle of beer to add one more cap to the collection- the choice is yours! My boy decided to draw Fire Nation symbols because he loves the old Nickelodeon Avatar shows and is convinced he’s a member of the Fire Nation.

DSC09364 DSC09361

OK, so there you go! Take pride in the creation of your very own personalized buttons using things you already had around the house. Encourage yourself to take a moment to think about what you have and the great many uses for those things rather than dashing off to a super mega store to buy more for some silly challenge. The real challenge is about your resourcefulness and willingness to rethink uses of the many items around you.

Thank you for stopping by today! I appreciate YOU!


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